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Rocha da Pena | Rock Garden in the hinterland

Altitude: 449m – Length: 7km (2,5 h) – level: easy

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Rock Garden – Rocha da Pena
altitude:449m | round| length: 7 km | duration: 2,5 h

We will get to know the more rugged and wild countryside at Rocha de Pena, which is a classified area due to its unique flora and fauna. We may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of alpine swifts, bee-eaters and eagle owls, and keep an eye out for buzzards. There are many types of orchids here in the spring, as well as wild iris and narcissi. Dominant species include varieties of the Cistus, with their delicate pink or white flowers, but other flowers to look out for include the Western Iberian Peony, Tassel Hyacinths and aromatic plants. The circular walk goes alongside rock walls and a very large stone bank (neolithic in origin). From here we can enjoy a dramatic view over the mountain range before we go back downhill through an authentic old hamlet, Penina, where time seems to have come to a standstill.


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