About algarverde

How did you actually become a walking guide in the Algarve? Many guests have already asked me that question. It was love that brought me here, That is my first response: It all began in 2003 when I followed my husband, who for professional reasons moved to the Algarve. As a marine biologist, he found a job at the University of Faro. In my luggage, I had a degree in marine biology as well as one in tourism management. Both were a wonderful combination here in Portugal, with beautiful areas of nature on my doorstep and a new country for me to explore. Over the years I have learned a lot which I would like to share with you.

Our new home was near the capital, Faro, just minutes away from the Nature Park Ria Formosa, so I soon began to discover the beauty of the area for myself. Over the course of time I have also explored other regions and landscapes of the Algarve and have got to know about their history and culture. Eventually, the idea to work as a walking tour guide was born, because the combination of nature and tourism was meant to be the solution for my personal and professional fulfilment.


Ricarda Schünhoff


In 2005, I took my first group on tour and since then I have gained a lot of experience. Step by step, I have compiled many new routes, not only taking in the most beautiful scenery, but also interesting places in terms of culture and history. Furthermore, I have done an intensive study on the Algarvian bird and plant life and I would like to share this knowledge with you.

With algarverde I would like to attract walking enthusiasts of all kinds, and share my most memorable experiences with you, so that you can take home unforgettable holiday memories. algarverde stands for carefully chosen walking programmes with professional competence and reliability, and of course lots of fun.


Ricarda Knuth