8 Days East-Algarve


1. Day – Arrival-East-Algarve

Arrival in Faro and transfer to your selected hotel.

2. Day – Time travel through the hinterland-Azinhal

The tour takes place in the region of the Guadiana river, close to the Spanish border, the natural border between the two countries. The most important source of income of the population was the smuggling of sugar, shoes, coffee and alcohol. We are already at the doorstep of the of  the Serra do Caldeirão one of the most secluded and beautiful areas with its numerous windmills and small, traditional villages. Our walk takes us along undulating paths which offer magnificent views of streams and windmills. In spring, lavender and poppies are some of the colourful flowers of the region, with gum cistus and yellow lupines also thriving here in great numbers. Our path leads us to the river Guadiana and our destination is eventually the small village of Azinhal which looks as if it has come out of the fairytale “Sleeping Beauty”. Chickens and goats abound, and the old farmers welcome us with curiosity and a friendly wave.

altitude: 450m - length: 9km (3,5h) - TREK GRADE: moderately easy

3. Day – Litoral 

Get to know the Ria Formosa Natural Park, which is part of an extensive nature reserve and consists of various wetlands such as lagoons, salt marshes, canals and mudflats. It always goes by the sea with beautiful views of the lagoon and the surrounding area.

altitude : 0m - length : 13km (4h) - TREK GRADE: easy


4.  Day – From the reservoir through the slate mountains

The route starts in the old village of Odeleite, a region known for its many different types of mines including copper, iron, silver and other ores, which originated during the Roman occupation. We cross small streams and valleys and walk along country lanes, with carob and almond trees accompanying us on our way. Beehives will be seen on the hillsides, producing some of the finest honey in the Algarve. Afterwards we drive to Alcoutim, a beautiful little village with an old Moorish castle on top of the hill, which overlooks the River Guadiana. Here you have the possibility of crossing the river and arriving in Spain where you can visit the small hamlet of San Lucar.

altitude: 150m - length: 11km (3,5h) – TREK GRADE: moderately easy

5. Day– day off

6. Day – The world of cork

This walk passes through the world of the cork oak together with carob and ancient olive trees. Our starting point is at the fount of Tareja close to the area of São Brás de Alportel. Small footpaths guide us through an evergreen countryside. We cross small streams, enjoy vast open spaces filled with pure air, and great views, and follow trails to the ancient hamlet of Alportel. This is a region of farmers, living in idyllic whitewashed hamlets set amongst ancient cork oak forests and typical vegetation consisting of almond, fig and pomegranate trees. Much of the area is divided up by ancient stone walls and we will discover signs of many different types of culture, like that of wells and springs from the Moorish period.

altitude : 120m - length : 13km (4h) - TREK GRADE: moderate

7. Day – On the track of the Purple Gallinule

Get to know the Ria Formosa Nature Park, part of an extensive protected area made up of different wetlands such as lagoons, tidal marshes, mud flats and channels. The trail leads us along the tidal marshes. To the right and left of the track, we may observe lots of water birds as well as spoonbills, flamingos and other bird species that come here from Northern and central Europe to spend the winter. The route leads us to a freshwater lake. Here we will discover many duck species such as the Wigeon or Red-Crested Porchard, but also the famous Purple Gallinule, which is the main attraction of the park. Don’t forget your binoculars. We will continue along the path to the Salinas and then walk through a rich woody pine tree area. To round things up we will pay Faro a visit and a a short tour through the town center. Afterwards free time.

altitude : 0m - length : 13km (4h) - TREK GRADE: easy

8. Day – departure